The History

1917 – New horizons ahead

At the outburst of the Russian Revolution in October 1917, trade relations between the Koutsogiannopoulos brothers and the Russians came to an inevitable end. Nevertheless, new markets started to open up in West Europe that sought after the high-quality of  Santorini wines. France and Italy showed great interest in the unique flavors and aromas of the Santorinian high-alcohol dry wine, as well as Vinsanto.

For the following decades, wine-making and trading was ever-growing for the Koutsogiannopoulos brothers, until the terrible earthquake that hit the island in 1956. Santorini and its people suffered greatly; en masse, Santrorinians had to sell their land, homes, and animals, with most of them fleeing to Athens. The Koutsougiannopoulos brothers braved the earthquake and its aftermath, and unanimously decided to stay.
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The brothers went through difficult years, full of hardships and deprivations, but they never gave up on hoping and dreaming. A decade later, the recession finally ended, thanks to the building of the public power plant in 1965. Gradually, the first electric machinery arrived, changing the way of wine production for ever. 

The arrival of technology was pivotal in improving the quality of the wine, even more, providing, at the same time, insights for innovation and expansion. The third generation of the Koutsogiannopoulos family — that has seen great changes in technology in the production sector — envisioned an underground museum dedicated to wine and the art of winemaking.