The Winery

In Winery Hotel 1870, the aesthetic grandeur of the 19th century Santorini, is captured and reflected in its noble heritage without sacrificing the luxuries of the 21st century; hence, a truly unique hotel has been created — out of an old winery — for the discerning traveler who is inspired by tradition, originality, and nostalgic beauty.

The secret of a memorable stay experience lies in the details: old winery walls naturally imbued by grape must, creating intricate colors and textures that give out an oil painting effect, massive oak barrels, centuries-old cellar gates, and ornate vintage decorative touches throughout have been carefully preserved and ingeniously combined with modern style furnishings to fit in the architectural neo-Cycladic contour. In this conceptual framework, every suite in the Winery Hotel 1870 is a masterpiece of design; an exclusive sophisticated refuge that invites you to relax and take in the authentic Santorinian vibes.
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